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Rhinoplasty Charlotte NC

Thank you for coming to the Rhinoplasty Charlotte NC directory! Here we will guide you to the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in the area who will give you unmatched service and best results for you today. We also want to give you a brief overview of Rhinoplasty so you can get familiarized with the procedure and see if you’re the right candidate before you contact one of our best surgeons. Please read below…


Surgeon selection process


Thoughtful selection of a qualified medical practitioner is the first and unsurprisingly the most important step in electing to receive the health and enhancement benefits of rhinoplasty. Whether the surgery is elective or prescribed, who you choose to ensure your safety during and after the procedure is paramount.  Charlotte Rhinoplasty NC exists to help you navigate those sometimes confusing waters. Each practitioner has been thoroughly researched, carefully indexed and cleanly displayed for your convenience. Your Search for the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in Charlotte NC begins here!

Is Rhinoplasty Charlotte NC right for you?

Rhinoplasty Charlotte NC


It is recommended to have a fully developed nose before this procedure so generally it is recommended for adults between the ages of 18-50. If you have any nose deformities due to injuries from an accident or just unhappy or self conscious with the way your nose is shaped, Rhinoplasty can be a great option that will create balance and self confidence. Also common problems with some patients have are trouble breathing because of deformed nasal passages which Rhinoplasty could treat as well.


Different Types of Rhinoplasty

  • Open Rhinoplasty: This type of surgery is a newer approach and the Rhinoplasty surgeon will make an incision in the ‘Columella”, which is the middle part of your nose that divides the nostrils on the bottom. This is the major difference between the two major types of Rhinoplasty. This incision will give a surgeon a better view of the nose inside and the anatomy of the nose. This will most likely be recommended for more major reconstruction or patients who have complex nasal deformities that require better view for the surgeon. The upside to this approach is that the surgeon will have much better visibility especially if its a more difficult surgery or major reshaping. One of the drawbacks is that the incision will be made externally that could be visible at closer distances with people in conversation.

Rhinoplasty Charlotte NC

  • Closed Rhinoplasty: Similar incisions will be made on this Closed approach however no external incisions like the Open Rhinoplasty will be made. This approach will be recommended for patients with less complexities and deformities of the nose with minor reshaping that needs to be done. The upside to this will obviously be not having any visible scars around the nose once completed. Drawbacks will be that it is a more difficult view for the surgeon to perform since the nose is closed with limited view for the surgeon.


  • Revision Rhinoplasty:Any subsequent or second Rhinoplasty surgeries following the first one are called “Revisions”. This can be more complex especially if the patient had a nose job that didn’t satisfy them and a revision typically carries more complications which is why its generally more expensive than the primary Rhinoplasty surgery.


  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: This will not require any invasive surgery but the surgeon will use “fillers” to fill in the depressed part of the nose to reshape a bump on the bridge of the nose or re-angling the type of the nose for a more smoother finish. This approach although not being too complicated will have a chance of not being permanent depending on the filler the surgeon & patient chooses.

What to expect during the procedure


The true beauty of the procedure is that in this stage of our society enhancements such as these are so commonplace that one can look up a video on YouTube and see a procedure done in its entirety. With that said you can expect the following as surmised by former patients:


The offering of two types of anesthesia, Local (targeting a specific part of the body, making you groggy, yet maintaining consciousness) and General (Most common. A direct IV delivers the drug seamlessly causing the body to rest into an unconscious state)


The surgery is performed shortly after and can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.


After surgery you are giving time to recover from the anesthesia. You’ll also find that the affected areas have been carefully bandaged and the nasal cavities plugged.

Please see our Costs for Rhinoplasty surgeries to find out what the average price for these surgeries are so you can be better prepared to handle the expense.


Recovery and Maintenance


After the surgery is finished there will be some pain and discomfort associated which can be alleviated with some over the counter pain medications or any prescribed pain medicine by the clinical team. A cast or splint will be placed over the nose to cover the treated area which might cause some discomfort as well for at least a week until it is removed. There can be some swelling and bruising on the area of surgery or underneath the eye which could vary depending on the patient and type of Rhinoplasty performed. Congestion is also a common problem after this operation is done which will generally heal after 2 weeks.


For maintenance, avoid any contact sports or exercise that might risk your nose from bumping into anything or anyone. Also be careful blowing your nose as it might cause the nose to bleed easily during the early stages of recovery.

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Best Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

You essentially can’t wake up one day and choose to have a tummy tuck. You must be the right contender for the surgery. A discussion with a plastic specialist will give you a thought of who ought to look for abdominoplasty and whether you fit that depiction.

There are two primary gatherings of individuals who are perfect possibility for a tummy tuck. They are;

1. Ladies who need to dispose of an out of shape midriff after a pregnancy. For a few ladies, practice and consuming less calories neglects to recover the stomach area to its typical size and shape after the lump of being pregnant. A New Orleans Liposuction can dispose of the obesity by evacuating overabundance fat and skin and fixing the muscles under your stomach.

2. Men and ladies who were once hefty however have now shed pounds. Such huge weight reduction tends to leave zones of heaviness around the midsection. Much of the time, just plastic surgery can resolve this issue.Tummy Tuck

You might be in one of the above 2 classifications yet there are still other vital necessities to verify before going as a perfect contender for a tummy tuck. They incorporate;

• Be in great general well-being. This applies to a tummy tuck as well as to numerous different sorts of plastic surgeries. Being healthy lessens the danger of something turning out badly. Individuals with issues, for example, hypertension or coronary illness stand a much more serious danger of inconveniences.

• You have accomplished your optimal weight. The method is not prescribed for presently overweight or hefty people. Go for it if your weight is steady and you anticipate keeping up it there.

• You are totally certain of your choice. In the event that you are still uncertain whether to proceed with the tummy tuck, look for guidance first. A plastic specialist and your general professional can help you choose whether this is the right choice for you.

If you feel you are the right candidate for a Tummy Tuck procedure, please visit our directory for tummy tuck in Baton Rouge Area.